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The Wealth Navigator Podcast with Richard Dri

Mar 2, 2021

Neal Winokur, CPA, and author of The Grumpy Accountant, is my guest on the podcast today. Since starting his CPA practice in 2013, Neal has grown increasingly disillusioned with Canada’s Tax Code, and feels a moral obligation to speak out against it while also proposing a much more simplified version that will benefit all Canadians. He discusses these views and so much more during our conversation here today.

He begins by sharing just what it is about the tax code that bothers him so much, the changes he would like to see, and his thoughts regarding the implementation of a flat tax on spending. He also offers his ideas for simplifying tax returns for business owners, identifies the reasons why Canada has not moved to a GST or VAT approach along with his response to these reasons, and details a few of the many money saving ideas that can be found in his book. Neal also explains how he saves, invests, and protects his money, explores Richard’s perspective on these strategies with him, and relates the story of the low point in his career and how he climbed out of it. As the episode draws to a close, Neal offers advice for today’s accounting students, shares his ideal vision for himself in 5 years, and provides his thought provoking definition of financial independence.