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The Wealth Navigator Podcast with Richard Dri

Apr 27, 2021

On this week’s episode, I am joined by Robert Price, Founder and CEO of Bode Canada, an online real estate brokerage that is really disrupting the industry as it makes selling real estate simple, transparent and more economical. Robert is a former executive at Axia FibreNet working with them in the telecommunications space for over 11 years before they sold to Bell, and he also comes from an entrepreneurial family, with his father being the former CEO of Husky before starting Axia.

In our conversation today, Robert discusses Bode Canada’s role as a disruptor in the real estate industry and its goal to empower their customers. He also shares a great deal of information about Bode, including its current status and finances, plans for expansion, biggest challenges as a startup, and its original and potential future funding. Robert goes on to offer his perspective on companies such as Zillow entering the Canadian market, the low points in his journey with Bode and what he would have done differently, and how he explains Bode to real estate agents and brokers. Our interview draws to a close with Robert sharing the ways in which he invests and protects his money, and his definition of financial independence. In an industry that has experienced very little change over the years, Robert and Bode Canada present a fresh alternative, and he shares the details of this novel approach with listeners here today.