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The Wealth Navigator Podcast with Richard Dri

Jul 27, 2021

Kevin Mako, President of Mako Design and Invent, joins me today for a fascinating discussion about his equally fascinating business and so much more. Built by Kevin completely from the ground up with no financing and no debt, Mako Design and Invent has grown to be the center of physical product design, turning great product ideas into booming businesses, nationally in the US and Canada, and is well on its way to do the same in England and China. Kevin is a true entrepreneur whose many other accomplishments include becoming a Fellow at the Brookfield Institute for Entrepreneurship, an advisor at Next 36 and Sage Canada, and the President of Mako Group, Inc., which specializes in investing in startups and scaling businesses.

In this interview, Kevin describes how he came up with the idea for his rather unique business, his journey to his current position, what his business looks like today, and some of the difficulties he encounters when operating in both Canada and the USA these days. He also relates the story of one of his highly successful projects, how his company gets paid, the range for getting an idea to the final product, and the most surprising moment in his journey thus far. His low point and how he pulled himself out of it, what’s next for him and his team, and some of his ‘hacks’ for scaling are also discussed. Kevin draws the episode to a close by sharing information regarding his income management as well as his definition of financial planning. With his mission to build positive world-changing businesses through his organically grown grass-roots company, Kevin is an entrepreneur whose immense faith in his work over the years has fostered a willingness to risk it all to ensure its growth and ultimate success, as you will learn here today.